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I finally got email verification set up on my peertube instance. So its open to sign up.

Why would anyone think that adding onions to your food would make it better. 🤢🤮

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Flooring. Now on the list with roofing of shit I never want to do again.

If I had to give anyone advice it's don't have a baby during a pandemic and have to remodel part of your house while there's shortages, price hikes, and inflation running rampant.

I'm convinced that the cell phone boosters that are installed in our office are making the service worse than not having them but you'll never convince my coworker that installed them that. My service jumps up and down constantly

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the key to defeating a fish in combat, no matter the size, is choosing the right venue. i choose land. every time

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5,191,926 accounts
+118 in the last hour
+2,196 in the last day
+18,581 in the last week

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5,190,964 accounts
+46 in the last hour
+2,314 in the last day
+18,981 in the last week

It's Friday the 13th and also my wife's birthday 🧐

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5,189,660 accounts
+110 in the last hour
+2,422 in the last day
+19,204 in the last week

I used to enjoy music so much now I barely even listen to anything

There are no snack in this house. That must be some kind of crime right??

I will admit it is starting to get a little warm in here. it wasn't bad this morning.

People keep complaining it's hot in my office and can't figure out why. Surely they have noticed this under the corner of my desk?? I'm just going to keep quite and let them do there thing.

Note to self. Next time just come in and order my food. The online orders are taking longer than the walk in people wtf

I suppressed the memories of this project we started 3 years ago hoping it was gone forever. but now its back and i have to redo everything 😥

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