My mom pays a company $200 a month to manage her webpage for her hair salon. It's highway robbery. The content never changes, and it's low traffic. I never knew they were getting ripped off like this.

So long story short here goes my attempt at making her a webpage. I think I'm just going to use Wordpress, and she just wants to keep it simple so it should be kinda fun.

@grant It's extremely depressing to hear when people get taken advantage of like that because people think tech is expensive or complicated. 😩

If Wordpress doesn't work out for you and you need an extremely simple and surprisingly free solution, Google Sites has a really easy to use website builder for static websites so no experience needed.


$200 a month? That's enough for a 10k-user website。

A $10 per year VPS can do the job well.

Hugo + github can hold static webpages and it's free.

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